Anti Reflective Glass

Anti Reflective Glass

Anti reflective glass Anti reflective glass have a special nano-coating,it is known for another name as non reflective glass or heat resistant glass or non glare glass.It have high transmittance and low reflectivity, single side AR coating glass,light transmittance>93,light reflectivity97%, light reflectivity <3%.Purple color keeps on glass surface also.

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Anti reflective glass

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AR glass (also known as reflective glass or antireflection glass or non reflective glass) uses magnetron sputtering on the two surface of the ultra white glass anti-reflective film. AR glass can significantly reduce the surface reflectance of glass and the highest transmittance can reach 97%. 

Tempered AR glass is a kind of pre-stressed glass, to improve the strength of the glass, typically using a chemical treatment or physical hardening hardening treatment method, form a pressure in the glass surface, the glass surface exposed to external stress when the first offset, thereby improving the carrier ability to enhance glass itself wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance and so on.


1. Have  higher light transmittance than ordinary glass. The highest light transmittance is over 97%.

2. Have lower hight reflectivity than ordianry glass. The lowest light reflectivity is 2%.

3. It can prevent a large propotion of UV.

4.Hot and cold deformation can be almost omitted, applicable to all types of environment


Nowdays , ar glass sheet widely used as both electronic products and buildings , like Liquid crystal display;Educational machines;Digital billboards;)High-end flashlight;Sign;Projection lamp, probe light, landscape lights, street lamps, miners lights;Building: window, showcase, fish tank, refrigerator panel;

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Material Clear tempered glass or ulter clear glass
Light transparenceSingle side anti reflection glass:93-95%, double sides anti reflection glass:95-97%
Thickness This listing for heat resistant glass thickness is 4mm, other ar glass thickenss from 1.8mm to 6mm can option

Min size : 100x100mm ( Free sample size too )

Max size : 1200x2400mm 

Welcome customer size too 

Anti reflection coating styleSingle sides anti reflection coating or double sides reflection coating
Tempering methodPhysical tempering or chemical tempering 
Mons’ hardness scale7H
Non glare glass tolerance 
+- 0.5MM , Using CNC machine to do 
PatternOffered silk screen priting or other processing 
MOQ50sq meters 


Q1 : In your website , we notice your have address in shenzhen and dongguan , are you glass factory or trading company ?

A: Good question ,  Someone doubt with us too . Actually , Zeelang Glass is real factory . In order to expand processing area , Zeelang glass were moved to Dongguan in 2018. Only keeps showroom and sales department in Shenzhen . If interest , you can visit both shenzhen and donggua . 

Q2 : What is the anti reflective glass price ?

A : Price usually based on your size and other demands , also here have price range for refence it is from 80-150USD/sq meters . So with exactly price , welcome contact us with your full demands 

Q3: Can you making holes on ar glass sheet ?

A: Yes we do , Zeelang have CNC machine that can doing holes , polishing edges etc according to your drawing .

Q4: How to ensure reflective glass safety during transportation ?

A: In order to non reflective glass safety , we choosen safety glass package during shipment , it is like as this :

1.Filming process;

2.Putting paper between glass;

3.Strong wooden crates with steel banding for export.

4. OEM package are welcomed 

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--Quick quote,reply requirements within 12 hours

--Technical support, design and installation suggestions

--Review your order details, double check and confirm your order without problems

--Entire process follow your order and update you in time

--Quality inspection standard and QC report according to your order

--Production photos, packing photos, loading photos sent in time

--Assist or arrange the transportation and sent you all documents on time

Zeelang is a professional Anti Reflective Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale anti reflective glass from our factory.
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