Clear Anti Reflective Tempered Glass For Screen

Clear Anti Reflective Tempered Glass For Screen

Anti reflective glass with high transmittance up to 98%, It with glare function.

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Clear anti reflective tempered glass for screen  




   No reflective glass combined with low anti-reflective coating technology, is applied for solar modules. It increases solar transmittance by way of decreasing light reflectance, thus increasing the solar cell efficiency.  Besides, it reduces the reflected glare of the glass and the pollution caused by the reflectance to the environment.  The super water-wet behavior of the coating could in some degree protect the dust and dirt from shading the light and improve the self-cleaning of the glass so that the solar cell could maintain high efficiency.



Thickness: 4mm; minimum thickness for tempering: 2.8mm

Maximum Size: 1000mm x 2000mm (3.2mm thick)

Reflective rate: 2%

Transmittance : 96%

Hardness: 9H



Clear anti reflective glass advantage :

1.Reduce reflection

2.Clear And Soft performance

3.Visible light transmittance greater than 88%

4. Visible light Reflected less than 1%








 To make sure anti reflective  glass panels safety during the shipment , we choose wooden crates package with iron belt in outside . Usually it’s enough strong to shipping forign market





 Q : Can i use your ar tempered glass in computer screen ?

 A: Of course it best to use anti reflective glass for screen . It can be against light glare


 Q: Can you do screen anti reflective glass with transmittance for 98% ?

 A: Usually our transmittance is 95% . If need 98%, we need ulter clear tempered glass to do as sheet for processing .


 Q : What is anti reflective  coating glasses price ?

 A: Price based on your size and technology details . Welcome to show your drawing ,we can send quotation to you




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