Balcony Laminated Glass

Balcony Laminated Glass

Zeelang laminated glass protect you from dangerouse . Eventhrough glass broken , glass keep in full pices with PVB film

Product Details

balcony laminated glass


Balcony laminated glass specification

1. Grade: High quality float glass

2. Size: Custom , free sample size 6+0.56+6mm 

3. Standard: NZS 1996

4.Type: Float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, Low-e glass, coated glass

5. Thickness: 6mm glass +0.56 PVB film +6mm glass

balcony laminated glass.jpg

6mm laminated glass.jpg


 To be as safety glass , laminated glass widely used in building balcony , windows , dorrs , stairs etc .

6mm glass application.jpg

Our advantage :

1.  Stay safe while be broken , glass keep in full pices with PVB film 

2.  100% no bubles , dupont pvb film which passed the water test 

3. Sound absorb pvb film between glass to protect your quiet space .

Package and shipment :

 package 1.jpg

Zeelang is a professional Laminated Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale Balcony Laminated Glass from our factory.
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