Top Quality Tempered Wire Mesh Glass Prices

Top Quality Tempered Wire Mesh Glass Prices

Color: Clear and bronze Thickness: 6mm and 6.5mm Model Name: 6mm Wired Glass

Product Details

Wire mesh glass description:

It's also called as tempered wire glass, glass with wire mesh, which nicknames shatterproof glass and steel wire glass. It is the ordinary flat glass heated to red hot softening state, then the pre-heated wire or wire mesh is pressed into the middle of the glass.


1) Safety Wired glass can prevent debris. Even in the face of the earthquake, storm, such as the impact of that broken glass and debris is also very difficult to fly, so compared with the ordinary glass, not easy to cause debris wounding. 

2) Anti-theft The common glass is easily broken, so the thief can sneak into illegal activities, and wired glass is not. Even if the glass is broken, there is still a metal wire net in the role, so the thief can not easily to sneak. The wired glass brings a sense of security.


Color: Clear and bronze 

Thickness: 6mm and 6.5mm Model Name:  6mm 

Wired Glass Sizes: 1500x2000mm, 1220x1830mm, 1830x2440mm and 2000x2440mm.


Doors, windows, commercial hobbies, home decoration


1.It has exceeded the GB/ T9963-1998 < Wired glass > Because of the super and stable performance;

2.This kind of glass gains the ISO certificate.     


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Package and shipping :

Standard export wooden crates with paper/powder interlayer which could avoid breakage.


Shipping method :

1.Arrange by yourself (EXW,FOB)

2.Arrange by our company (CIF,DDU,DDP)

3.The delivery time is 7-15days after deposit is confirmed.





1. What’s wired glass price ?

Answer: Based on glass size and quantity

2. Can you making holes on glass ?

Answer : Yes ,  You should show me hole diameter size and location

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