​How To Distinguish Two - Way Mirror Glass

- Feb 07, 2017-

                        How to distinguish two - way mirror glass

 Some non-standard hotel use of the mirror glass renovation guests privacy problems have been common. This will allow us too many residents in the choice of accommodation when the hotel carefully, and today we simply pay the way to identify the mirror method.

Introduce the method before, give the group to talk about when double-sided mirror? Imaging principle is how. Do not know if you pay attention to some of the police drama, the families of criminal suspects to visit the suspect, the two sides sat in front of a mirror call. This mirror has a strange effect is that the people inside do not see the outside of the object, and family members in the mirror which can see their loved ones inside the meeting, this is a two-way mirror. Can also be a double-sided mirror, single-sided perspective glass. The principle is in the ordinary glass with a vacuum coating method on a thin layer of thin metal film. After processing the glass can be most of the fiber to the shot back, common in some interrogation room, prison meetings, security control room and other places. Reason for this principle, some unscrupulous hotels will also be used to peeping guests privacy. Usually in a well-lit place, the two-way mirror looks like a mirror, can see all the objects behind the mirror, and dark side of the light, it looks to the colored window.

     Two-way mirror and ordinary mirror from the appearance point of view is very similar, how to distinguish it?

    The first one is the simplest. With the index finger to contact the surface of the mirror look like the results. If the mirror inside the finger map and the mirror in front of the mirror next to tightly, without any gaps, this is a two-way mirror. Check the time it is necessary to be friends. If the finger is like a finger and the mirror outside a little gap, this is the ordinary mirror friends.

    This is the simplest method, which is the most undesirable for a number of specially crafted two-way mirrors.

     The second measure, our industry-specific way to identify two-way mirror is to enter the room after the first turn off all the other. With a flashlight or cell phone torch light against the mirror, his hands an official, careful observation can not see the glass behind the things. If you can see, that is the two-way mirror, if not, that is an ordinary mirror.

     This is the industry's most effective method of identification. Later to the hotel, encountered a similar place, may wish to test, may be able to protect your privacy play a crucial role.

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