3M India Launches Touch Compatible Anti-glare Screens

- Oct 22, 2016-

3M India launches Touch compatible Anti-glare screens

3M India has now launched its Anti-glare screens for laptops and desktop monitors.These screens are compatible with most of the touch-screen displays of laptops, All-in-One computers and desktop monitors. It helps in providing display protection and view enhancement for electronic displays by reducing glare and mirror like reflection, even in bright light conditions. It also allows you to use your computer in adverse lighting conditions without putting pressure on the human eye.

The screen is colour –neutral and non-conductive, enabling application to  touch panel technologies. It also features a durable scratch resistant coating, thus protecting against scratches and damage to display. Using 3M’s repositionable adhesive technology, this screen can be attached and removed multiple times.

Other applications from the 3M Optical Systems portfolio include privacy screen protectors for computers and a range of neutral, anti-glare, fingerprint fading, back-skin and privacy screen protectors for the Apple iPhone and iPad range. The market price of 3M Anti-glare screens is Rs 1,600 and are available in all leading online shopping portals and electronic stores

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