4 Smart Applications Of Switchable Smart Glass In Home Interior Design

- Oct 24, 2016-

4 Smart Applications of Switchable Smart Glass in Home Interior Design

While switchable smart glass is lauded among corporate clients and the hotel industry, it is also frequently used to enhance home interior design.The following are four such ways that you could integrate smart glass into your home interior design.


While conservatories are a peaceful place to relax in the sunshine, they’re seldom used for other purposes as they lack privacy. Using switchable smart glass can enhance privacy in a conservatory. Moreover, there’s an option for each pane to be operated individually as per the home owners’ desires. For example, the walls may be turned opaque to offer privacy from passersby, while the ceiling of the conservatory is left transparent to let in natural light.

2.Dividing Partitions

Switchable smart glass partitions open up space in a home without removing the privacy that walls offer. This is of particular benefit in smaller homes, or builds with completely open floor plans. Switchable Smart Glass can be used to divide the bedroom from the bathroom, creating space and offering instant privacy. Smart Glass has also become a popular choice for separating a living room from a kitchen/dining area, creating an “open plan” space.

3.Sky Lights

While traditional ceiling windows (sky lights) add light and space to designs, their entire aesthetic can be ruined by bulky blinds. Previously, the only alternative to the use of blinds was simply to leave the window uncovered, which in turn opened up privacy and home security issues. Through the use of solar smart glass, home owners can manually or automatically control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through a window.


Blackout smart glass is a combination of both privacy and solar film and is also a very popular choice for skylights as it can block out 99.7% of light, making it a perfect choice for media rooms &  bedrooms.

4.Ceiling to Floor Windows

Ceiling to floor exterior windows or doors are a very common feature in modern interior design. However, the overall look can often be dampened by the presence of blinds or curtains. If you want to feature ceiling to floor windows in your home, smart glass windows is a smart choice. They remove the need for blinds or curtains cluttering up your space, while adding to the overall modern, sleek look and feel of the build. You can enjoy instant privacy making smart glass windows the ideal choice for homeowners or if the living space faces a busy street or area.


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