5 Strokes Teach You To Installed Smart Film

- Nov 14, 2016-

5 strokes teach you to  installed smart film

Do you know how to install dimming glass? The following Zeelang glass for your Weapon, 5 strokes to get to install.


The first trick, Before installation preparation tool.

  Before installation, we must ensure that the tools are complete, conventional we have detergent dilution, pressure watering can, glass cleaning scraping, blade, alcohol, electric iron, solder, electrical tape, cable

The second measure, ready to tool, the first measurement of the size of the dimming film whether there is error. Measurement is completed, power on a simple test whether the dimming film to work properly.

Third measure, positioning and glass cleaning:

 (1) For non-full-coverage film, according to the customer foil position requirements, in the foil position using the US-profile paper positioning.

  (2) pre-cleaning: the location of the film evenly spray detergent detergent dilution on the glass for the initial clean, and curettage dilution.

  (3) fine cleaning: re-spray the diluent, the use of the blade on the glass surface and the edge of the shovel scraping around again, the surface of the raised point, dirty point and edge of the glass glue shovel scraping a few times to clean the final clean: Step 3 Clean the glass one or two times to make sure the glass is clean.

  (4) film dimming film self-adhesive surface cleaning: remove the dimming film, the use of clean cloth soaked in alcohol, clean since the veneer dust.

   The fourth measure, foil

 According to design requirements, the film placed in the film position, confirmed position, from the top down part of the self-adhesive surface protective film; fixed upper membrane area, the use of scraper out of the membrane inside the bubble, and orderly To paste the top of the region after the regional film and then tear the film under the protective film to reduce the dust drift into.

The fifth trick, post-processing

  (Recommended Toshiba 381 glass plastic), plastic width of 5mm, to ensure that protection from the external edge of the water vapor impact, the glass edge of the glass to be covered with copper foil.

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