A Method For Processing And Manufacturing Smart Glass

- Nov 28, 2016-

1, one step vacuum forming method. Its equipment structure is simple, but the real can produce smart glass equipment is very few, the processing technology appears to be simple, but in the actual operation of the temperature control accuracy requirements are high, there will be waste phenomenon is bubble, Degrees. As the production of high cost glass dimmer, tolerant to more than one percent of the rate of processing waste, so non-standard enterprise and technical capacity of less than precise control of the enterprise, generally afraid to use this method of production of smart glass. At present domestic master "one-step" smart glass processing of the essence of the manufacturers is very small. However, the use of this method to make the finished product glass smart long life performance is relatively stable.

2, with autoclave processing. Autoclave processing of the former process is similar to the actual one-step processing, only to use high-pressure autoclave high temperature molding. Autoclave processing can effectively avoid the bubble, a plastic phenomenon, but the drawback is obvious, because the pressure of autoclave glass forming 2 times the one-step vacuum forming, and smart glass, the main interlayer conductive film shrinkage caused by large Of the conductive coating fracture or increased resistivity, so that the finished glass dimming performance and service life greatly reduced.

Autoclave molding method for smart glass equipment must be dedicated, accurate and suitable for the characteristics of smart glass, unfortunately, very few domestic manufacturers are dedicated, mostly mixed with the conventional laminated glass, autoclave frequent parameter adjustment both to ensure Can not adjust the parameters of the glass requirements, but also easy to damage the equipment.

3, the water bath method is to seal the fixture immersed in the 100 degree sink, is the most accurate and uniform processing temperature, but the fixture manufacturing difficulty is very large, currently only Japanese manufacturers.

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