Advantage Of AR Glass

- Nov 04, 2016-

Advantage of AR glass


At this stage almost all mobile phones, tablet PCs, one machine and other display screen in the sun, the visual effects are very poor, even the best cover glass reflectivity is still 5%. Want to improve the visibility, there are two ways, one is to improve the screen brightness, the second is to reduce the screen reflection; but the former will increase power consumption, and further shorten the standby time is not long intelligent terminal. Therefore, in the glass surface with AR coating  coating technology is of great significance, AR coating is a common tempered glass surface coated with a layer of anti-reflective film, which can reduce the electronic products in the indoor and outdoor reflected light, reduce power consumption, Visible problems in the sun, a substantial increase in user experience. It is widely used in electronic products such as LCD TV, PDP TV, laptop computer, desktop computer display panel, high-grade instrument panel, touch screen, picture frame glass and so on, because of the advantages of AR glass high light transmission and low reflection. Car continues to develop, more and more car manufacturers to AR glass used in car navigation systems

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