Advantages And Disadvantages Of Glass Curtain Wall

- Apr 21, 2017-

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Curtain Wall


1, the advantages of glass curtain wall


The glass curtain walls organically unify architectural aesthetics, architectural features, building energy efficiency and building structures, giving the building a different hue from different angles, with dynamic changes that give people a dynamic beauty.


Reflective insulation glass thickness of 6 mm, wall weight about 50kg / , a light and beautiful, easy to pollution, energy conservation and other advantages. Curtain wall of the outer glass can be the sky and the surrounding landscape into which the light changes, the image of colorful, endless changes. In the light of the reflection, the room is not subject to strong light, visual soft.


Can absorb infrared, reduce indoor solar radiation, reduce the indoor temperature. It can reflect the light as a mirror, but also like a glass through the light.


2, the glass curtain wall shortcomings


Light pollution: the use of large area curtain wall glass will form a serious light pollution.

Sound insulation: monolithic glass in the noise reduction effect is not good.

Safety: glass after the installation of a rupture "blew" phenomenon, the occurrence of wounding events.


Short life: the warranty period is shorter, the replacement often lead to waste of resources, do not replace the potential risk factor will continue to increase.

Poor fire: Although the glass curtain wall can not burn, but can melt or soften, in the fire in a short time will be broken glass.


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