Advantages And Precautions Of Bathroom Glass Wall

- Mar 03, 2017-

Advantages and Precautions of Bathroom Glass Wall

Bathroom glass partition wall also has many advantages:

1, beautiful appearance, you can freely design, filling creative.

2, energy saving, you can move indefinitely, re-use.

3, this glass wall with expansion joints, regardless of the bathroom environment is dry or wet, can keep no cracking, no deformation.

4, the sound insulation is extremely good, you can also fire.


Bathroom glass partition wall precautions

1. Do the toilet glass partition before the first floor tiles and wall tiles, and then according to the actual size of toilet glass partition. To pay attention to the wall may have errors up and down, according to the actual size of the glass door to do the installation and use.

2. Do the bathroom glass partition also pay special attention, because the special nature of the bathroom, every day and water intimate contact. So in the floor tiles before the installation of water pipes, installation of floor drain, so as to avoid inconvenience to future life.

3. bathroom glass partition should also be noted that there are doors of the glass door can be water, if there is no door frame but also a special installation of the threshold stone, usually 1.5 cm above the ground to 2 cm, or shower water from the door can not reach the dry and wet partition the goal of.

4. Do the bathroom partition, to keep in mind, the bathroom is best not to cut off the slide, because the slide in the area of water and dust is difficult to clean up, a long time will be smelly. Not for a moment of beauty, the future of life left hidden trouble.

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