Advantages Of Laminated Glass

- Mar 24, 2017-

Advantages of laminated glass


1) good transparency.

2) Even if the glass is broken, the debris will be stuck on the film, the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents debris from tying and penetrating the occurrence of falling events, ensuring personal safety. Mezzanine display in Europe and the United States, most of the architectural glass are used laminated glass, which not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because the laminated glass has excellent seismic invasion capability. The middle membrane can resist the hammer, chopper and other weapons of the continuous attack, but also for a long time to resist penetration, the degree of security can be described as extremely high. The glass is ruptured, broken under heavy hits, but the whole piece of glass remains intact, and fragments and sharp pieces are still sticking to the interlayer. This glass is broken, the debris will not be scattered, and more used in cars and other means of transport.

3) through the use of different pieces of the original glass, laminated glass can also have a durable, heat, moisture, cold and other properties

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