Advantages Of Soundproof Glazing

- Jan 04, 2017-

More and more emphasis on the privacy of modern life, so noise insulation doors and windows more and more markets. Soundproof door we hear much, but the soundproof windows we still listen less. So good soundproof glass window? Today,let me introduce the soundproof windows, let us know about this product.


Introduction of soundproof windows

Sound insulation glass is a kind of glass products that play a certain role in shielding the sound, usually double or multi-layer composite structure of the laminated glass, laminated glass glass film on the middle of the weakening of sound transmission plays a key role, with sound insulation glass Products include laminated glass.



1. Soundproof glass (laminated glass), the world's spacecraft used for the window of the double-layer insulation technology. Will not smash, not splash wounding and causing other injuries. Golf, baseball and bricks are not wearing, but also can withstand the impact of small explosions, glass material capacity of 18kg / m2.

2. Soundproof glass film as the middle layer and two layers of glass with a special process. Is a very high technological content of new environmentally friendly glass products.

3. Soundproof glass profiles using high-strength high-strength industrial aluminum, the surface electrostatic spray Wing, the appearance of luxury generous, durable. In strict accordance with the People's Republic of China national standards (GB / T5237.4-2000) production, to ensure that 10 years does not fade, do not fall off.

4. Soundproof glass PVC airtight add new additives, the use of soft and hard composite of the new molding process, good flexibility, small telescopic variant, face lift easy, applicable to natural temperature.

The above is the introduction of soundproof windows. For the soundproof glass, that is an effective protection of privacy, it is worth buying products.


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