Advertising Glass Selection Requirements

- Nov 11, 2016-

   In recent years, electronic development has been very rapid, commercial LCD. LCD advertising display is the development of the situation in full swing, the whole product cohabitation, a wide range of advertising machine in an endless stream of users dazzling, the user will choose the concept of various Of the advertising machine products difficult to choose. To this end, I would like to tell you about the LCD glass panel AG glass glare glass features and benefits for you to choose.

       AG glass panel for the outdoor advertising machine in the light to reduce the interference of environmental reflection to improve the viewing angle of the display screen to reduce the screen reflective, enhance the screen, digital visual effects, especially for outdoor large screen, the image is more clear Lifelike, allowing you to enjoy better visual effects, anti-glare, not dazzling, eliminate eye fatigue, careful eye care.

      Zeliang medicine corrosion ag is made through a special chemical process, which is characterized by the original glass reflective surface into a matte diffuse surface. Reflective effect can be blurred, to prevent glare, but also to reflect the degree of reduction, reduce light and shadow. Anti-glare products, anti-corrosion surface, anti-scratch performance. Solve the electronic screen, video screen in the ambient light to produce reflective, glare problem. Etching AG is a chemical etching, etching depth of 0.05-0.07mm, AG surface nature of the glass is still treated, the product life and strengthen the glass rather.

     AG glass anti-wear AG coating layer: do not have to use an additional screen surface protection layer, and has reduced glare and maximize image contrast and sharpness of the function.

     AG Glass transmittance: more than 88%, reflectivity <1%, thickness 1.1mm-6mm screen level. Low cost, it is suitable for public demand. AG glass can be further processed into multi-functional glass: enhanced processing, anti-ultraviolet, anti-daylight, noise and insulation glass, laminated safety glass.

     Advertising glass panel can be used 5mm, 6mm and other tempered AG glass, can be screen printing.

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