Affected By The Construction Of Low Season Glass Limited Space

- Nov 19, 2016-

Influencing factors:

(1) supply increases

Glass inventory increased: the construction of the north into the off-season, but the glass production enterprises will continue to produce, sales will inevitably be affected; In addition, some glass processing enterprises will be a certain winter storage, resulting in increased glass inventories.


(2)weakened demand

Property market regulation by level overweight: National Day, and more to limit the purchase of credit policy, and the spread of the trend. China Banking Regulatory Commission is also strengthening the management of financial investment funds, illegal access to real estate banking funds is strictly prohibited. Real estate deleveraging control efforts are gradually overweight, the property market cooling demand will have a greater impact on the glass.

The auto industry has performed well this year. The output and sales volume of automobiles have shown a clear upward trend. Especially since July, the output and sales volume of motor vehicles have surpassed 20% monthly, which has played a certain role in raising the price of glass. On the glass price trend is weaker than the property market.


(3) after the pressure above the glass is obvious

Near the winter, the North will gradually enter the construction off-season; glass production capacity and production line operating rate will further increase, an increase in inventories trend; property market regulation step by step overweight demand for glass suppression, limited glass up space, price rally is not sustainable.


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