After Buy Smart Privacy Tint , Do You Know How To Install ?---2

- Sep 19, 2016-

For the last artical . See below :

1. Sticking the  film  doing strip off of the protecting film by degrees.

Film Cleaning: After removing PDLC film , infiltration of alcohol use clean cloth , clean the dust from veneer.

2. Eliminate bobbles or particles inside by roller.

Film stick : In accordance with the design requirements, the film placed in the position of the film area , after confirm, torn from top to bottom part of the self-adhesive surface protection film ; After fixing the upper region of the film , the film inside the bubbles using a squeegee expelled and shall posted a good and orderly film and then ripped the upper area of the region beneath the protective film to reduce dust floating into .

3. Eliminate the remain bobbles after sticking the whole film by roller.(Be careful for demage for the buzz bar part)

4. Connect the wire from buzz bar in using spot welding tool.

5. Take off the protecting film by using of the tap(Don't use by hand when take off the protecting flim) 

8.Silicon sealant operation: use our special silicon sealant to protect the film four edge , the sealant width of 5mm, ensure the water vapor can’t into the film edge from external influence , the sealant need cover the coper belt;licon work for buzz bar part

9.On/Off Test

10.Covering the buzz bar with plastic strip or aluminum frame.




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