AG Anti-reflective Glass, From The Farewell Reflex

- Mar 01, 2017-

  Recently, there have been inquiries about the use of anti-gloss glass on the screen. The March-April season is coming soon, and major electronics exhibitors are hot to prepare for their new products. From the recent trend, it is expected that this year there will be more anti-reflective screen. The use of light on the screen glass, can effectively reduce the sense of light dizziness, reduce the visual fatigue caused by the eye, enhance the picture of the realistic sense.

    Ordinary glass from the appearance point of view, or very intuitive distinction out. Pick up two pieces of glass contrast, a piece of glass that looks like two holes, one is a real hole, one is a false impression that the corridor uses Corning's anti-reflective technology, so it does not reflect, looks like A hole, with the surrounding reflective glass formed a significant contrast. Colleagues, generally made anti-light glass handle glass, the surface looks a little misty feeling. Some people think that this glass is not good, in fact, the opposite effect.

    Anti-reflective glass on both sides are coated with a layer of anti-reflective coating, a significant reduction in glass reflective, about 90% reduction in glare. If this technology can be mature to use in the mobile phone and tablet PC market, for users under the sun mobile phone and flat panel experience more comfortable, at least do not need to block the screen with a hand can clearly view the message.

   For the use of this glass, I believe that the demand will be greater after the show, people will be more deeply accepted by the people.

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