AG Can Make Laminated Glass?

- Nov 08, 2016-

AG can make laminated glass?

Principle is can't AG glass parameters generally include: gloss, haze, roughness, transmittance.

Film of chemicals can react with AG glass membrane layer, and is made into laminated glass, the coating layer between two pieces of glass, like AG made unprecedented must first take the all round in glass 1.5 cm membrane layer, which ensures that after playing the glue of the structure of the firm .

Strength of laminated glass is characterized by a large, strong impact resistance, can also do bulletproof glass, if the glass is broken, it will also have a layer of glue stick pieces to live, not easy to hurt people, generally can do door, window, strong. Main is afraid of some factory made product with bubbles, you can consider to choose our jersey light co., LTD.But in order to meet more customer needs, usually we AG is a piece of AG glass with a piece of ordinary white laminated glass.This process can meet the requirements of laminated glass, also won't affect on the basis of the effect of AG.Film generally choose imported PVB film.Light transmittance can also reach 75 or more.

In general, laminated AG glass used in glass desk mesa, large outdoor advertising machine, glass display cases, etc.In the future, this technology will be more used in architectural decoration industry.

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