AG Glass For Intelligent Touch Screen To Increase Eye Function

- Feb 28, 2017-

AG glass for intelligent touch screen to increase eye function

In 1982, the American Sam Hurst exhibited 33 TV sets equipped with a touch screen at a technology show, making it the first time that the touch screen was the magic, and since then, touch screen technology has been widely used in public service and personal entertainment field. Apple mobile phone launch, it is triggered by the global touch industry changes, from smart phones, tablet PCs to medical equipment, automotive entertainment display system to industrial instrumentation, residential automation, interactive entertainment signs and other fields, intelligent touch screen has Become the highlight of the various manufacturers.

However, the traditional touch screen still exists less light transmission, the screen display is not clear, in the light can not see the contents of the screen behind the defects such as light. Especially when people use mobile phones and tablet PCs for a long time, in order to adapt to the screen on the light and contrast, the human eye needs to play a greater regulation, more likely to cause eye fatigue. At present, many places of eye hospitals have found that due to long-term use of mobile phones and computers caused by the phenomenon of vision decline has become a gradual upward trend. Therefore, how to improve the touch screen glass light transmittance, reduce the interference of ambient light, improve the clarity of the screen display has become the focus of the manufacturers. AG glass appears, the success of the smart touch screen to increase the eye function.

AG glass, also known as anti-glare glass, is the glass surface of a special processing of a glass. Compared with ordinary glass, AG glass biggest advantage is: glass surface transmittance increased to about 90%, reflectivity reduced to about 1%, gloss of more than 60%. Can significantly improve the visibility and brightness of the screen, so that the screen display clearer, more full color, more gentle light, which greatly ease the use of eye fatigue. High light transmittance can do even in the light irradiation, people can easily from any point of view the screen behind the screen. Not only for portable mobile products, but also widely used in household appliances, automotive infotainment display system, medical equipment, display, electronic whiteboard and all touch areas.

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