Agricultural Bank Of China To Use Dimming Glass Friends

- Jan 06, 2017-

And we Zeelang glass business is to force, 1.3, the completion of the Agricultural Bank of China, the installation of the glass debugging, officially put into use.

The project works with the Agricultural Bank of China window glass. In the two doors of its replacement before the traditional glass. After the installation, the Agricultural Bank to re-install a new projector, the projector better shock effect.

   Speaking of dimming glass projection, since 2016 has gradually become a fashion trend of the renovation boom. These two stones, modern technology and the organic integration of art, let us exposure to the field of science and technology, and fully feel the rapid development of technology to bring us the convenience of life. In terms of market space and development space, projection dimming glass has unlimited market and development potential. Will become the preferred decoration of the future program.

   Compared with the traditional glass on the projection, the glass presents a transparent state, the projection screen showing the feeling of poor, blurred picture or even reflective phenomenon. The use of dimming glass instead of the traditional glass projection rendering, the color can be based on demand from transparent to opaque state of freedom of change. When we need to be able to put the glass transferred to a transparent state, that is not on the light transmission and viewing angle have any point defects. When people go, when the glass is off the state of milky white or other colors. In this case, we open the projector, the screen clear, realistic. More is the use of the role of publicity in the mall. And our cooperation of the Agricultural Bank of China, the official fancy this point.


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