Aimed At Two Major Consumer Groups To Help The Development And Revitalization Of Doors And Windows Industry

- Feb 14, 2017-

   For all walks of life, the formation of consumer groups can provide a clear goal for the market. Through the division of different consumer groups, you can accurately segment the market, thereby reducing the blindness of business and reduce operational risk. Therefore, the Chinese doors and windows enterprises, to find the current mainstream consumer groups, to achieve accurate coverage, is essential. So, the current development of the doors and windows industry and the revitalization, mainly rely on which groups?

It was pointed out that the development and revitalization of the doors and windows enterprises in the next 3-5 years will mainly be driven and supported by two groups: one is the middle and high class, characterized by affluence and high quality of life. The other is the new peasant class , Is characterized by novelty, want a better life. The first group of people, it is the rapid rise of the current, and the formation of a large-scale high-end wealthy class, that is what we usually call the "new middle and high class." In the future, the number of this number will be stable in the four hundred and fifty million scale; new middle and high class consumer groups, not the past, simple tyrannical, upstart, the pursuit of "do not buy the best, only buy the most expensive" ideal. But for the higher quality, more technical content, more texture and differentiation, personalized; Therefore, for this type of high-yielding stage, all doors and windows are in the development of new starting point, are "feeling Stone crossing the river "stage, there is no successful case can learn from and reference.

Another group of people, is experiencing a round from rural to urban transformation of the new peasant groups, they are different from the traditional farmers, more urban people, is between the city and rural consumption between the new class. More than traditional farmers to accept new things, the pursuit of a better living environment; at the same time there is no strong urban residents as spending power, to find a balance between quality and price. This group of people will give China's doors and windows industry in the next few years the biggest new impetus.

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