Aircraft Window Can Change The "electrochromic Glass" New Materials

- Oct 20, 2016-

Aircraft window can change the "electrochromic glass" new materials


If you take a Boeing 787 flight, you may notice that the glass in the window does not have a light shield, instead a button that you can dim or brighten as needed. This glass is a new material called "electrochromic glass". The basic principle is that in the production of this "glass" glass in the layer to add a layer of electromagnetic field sensitive material (you can be understood as a liquid crystal Class stuff). When it is connected to the electrode by changing the different voltage, you can control the transparency of this material.This kind of glass can protect the privacy,so it can widely used in the hotel,villa,office partition etc.

This is a very worthwhile promotion of energy saving and environmental protection technology: If you can automatically adjust the office buildings and residential residential glass shading, selective absorption or reflection of external heat radiation and internal heat diffusion, which will significantly reduce the maintenance Comfortable temperature and must consume a lot of energy. However, limited to the cost, the technology has not been a large-scale commercial promotion.But with the advance of technology ,the price of electrochromic glass will be more decrease and demand of it will be increase.

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