Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows Commonly Used To The Tempered Glass

- Mar 21, 2017-

              Aluminum alloy doors and windows commonly used to the tempered glass

Glass is an important part of the doors and windows, the previous building doors and windows to use a single layer of flat glass, and now many occasions are used tempered glass, insulating glass, etc., in the general family doors and windows, tempered glass has been quite popular, but you tempered glass How much do you know?

In appearance, before the steel and steel after the change is not, then how to identify whether the steel is tempered? The simplest and most straightforward way is to see whether the glass corners are tempered 3C logo, playing the 3c mark are basically tempered glass.

The processing procedure of the tempered glass is to cut the ordinary float glass into the required size, and then grind, clean, and press the country to certify the 3c mark with the ink. The glass after the finished product is not cut or processing. And the ink in the general situation after the high temperature is scraping off (if your home glass on the 3C logo can be wiped by hand, it can be concluded that the basic fake glass).

  There is also a way to identify, that is, from the side to see whether the glass is slightly deformed, because the glass through the high temperature firing, there will be a slight deformation of the phenomenon, which can only be seen from the side of the glass, the front is generally difficult to see The

But also through the broken glass to identify whether the glass is tempered, no steel after the broken glass is large, with sharp corners, and the steel after the broken glass is broken, the corners are blunt, not easy Wounding.


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