Analysis Of The Advantages Of Hot - Bending Laminated Glass

- Feb 08, 2017-

Break with the traditional sense of the plate laminated glass, which is a novel, fashion sense of strong glass products. Hot bending laminated glass is composed of two layers of hot bending glass after PVB laminated plastic after the combination, high strength, anti-collision ability, high safety factor, is a safety glass of its generals. Its use is very extensive, common automotive windshields, museum display cabinets, doors and windows walls and other fields can be found its presence.

Analysis of its advantages before we briefly talk about the hot bending laminated glass of the main production processes which? The steps can be summarized as: glass bending process, a piece, vacuum preheating, high temperature and high pressure sandwich process. In these processes, each link interlocking.

After the completion of the processing of hot laminated glass has what advantages?

   First, we have to talk about its safety, after the folder after the plastic processing, the middle combination of PVB film. This film can be broken even if the glass, but also can be bonded to the debris in the PVB film on the glass, will not easily fall hurt. This is his common characteristics with the laminated glass.

    Second, from the aesthetic point of view, the hot bending laminated glass to produce a variety of shapes of glass, compared to the ordinary flat laminated glass, its soft lines design, stylish appearance are all in the stimulation of our slightly tired Of the aesthetic. This is one of the reasons why it is increasingly favored by major designers this year.

     Third, from the processing point of view, with the traditional hot bent glass in general, most of the use of electric heating of the hot bent furnace operation. In the electric heating of the bending furnace operation, can make it in the hot bending process even heating, cooling of the finished glass can bear more weight. Reduce the occurrence of blew rate.

    Above a few points, the hot bending laminated glass break through our traditional aesthetic concepts, led us to find everything fresh and new. Is currently being more and more consumer groups to accept.


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