Analysis On Production Background And Development Prospect Of AR High Permeability Glass

- Jan 10, 2017-

Smart touch of the times has come, and our daily contact with the various types of touch test electronic products above, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, household appliances, touch switches and so are gradually using touch-screen smart features, has been slowly out of the old , Bulky button products. Decide that these products have a touch function, a large part of the factors depend on the day before the screen transparent glass. Add this piece of glass to a series of treatments on the glass surface or the back so that the product screen has a touch-sensitive function. To meet the needs of the development of the times.

 Glass as the preferred product of electronic screen, because of its high transparency, abrasion resistance, moisture, anti-aging and green superior performance is still occupied by the touch panel of the main material market. Out of the use of electronic screens, the building now on the traditional curtain wall glass light pollution is very serious, governments are only effective measures to reduce the curtain wall glass light pollution. In this comprehensive case, Ar high permeability glass come out! It has a high light transmission (light transmittance up to 95%), low reflectivity, anti-ultraviolet function by various consumer groups chase.

   Zeelang glass produced ar glass, the use of optical thin-film interference principle, through the vertical vacuum sputtering method in the glass substrate coated with a certain film structure of the nano-optical materials made of glass visible light transmittance from ordinary glass of 89% To 98% or more, the surface reflectivity decreased from 8% to 1% or less.


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