Analysis On The Difference And Benefit Of Green Glass And Double Glass

- Nov 23, 2016-


Analysis on the Difference and Benefit of Green Glass and Double Glass

Green heat insulation glass is the advantage of reflective coating process and improve the composition of the glass method, only the sunlight in the visible light into the compartment, blocking part of the ultraviolet and infrared. So as to reduce the heating effect inside the car, improve comfort.

Double-layer insulation glass has the advantage of the green glass, based on the double-layer glass sandwich by adding silver film, can greatly improve the amount of infrared reflection to improve the insulation effect, to provide customers with the former is more excellent Comfort.

Automobile in the hot summer air conditioning to overcome the heat is the sun's exposure, especially infrared radiation, and the use of double-insulated glass can effectively reduce this effect, reduce the air conditioning load, bring significant economy. The other is double-layer insulation glass strong ability of UV protection. UV for the skin and plastic accessories are extremely harmful, not much to say here, double-insulated glass can filter almost 100% of the UV.

Double-layer glass is composed of two pieces of glass, greatly increasing the rigidity of the glass, providing a high degree of security, reduce the risk of theft. Especially in the event of an accident vehicle collision, the broken glass fragments attached to the sandwich, will effectively reduce the glass of the crew of the second injury. In addition, the comfortable temperature is also an important factor in safety.

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