Anti-glare Glass --- Let Your Vision More Clearly

- Nov 01, 2016-

Anti-glare glass --- let your vision more clearly

You are still in the strong sunlight can not see the phone screen and distress it? Are you still bothering to withdraw money at the ATM because of the strong light that can not see the screen? All you have to worry about, have a new solution, that is anti-glare glass.

Anti-glare glass, also known as anti-reflective glass or non-reflective glass, anti-glare glass. Is a glass surface of the glass for special treatment. The principle is to high-quality glass, single or double-sided frosted after polishing process. So that compared with ordinary glass has a lower reflectance, thereby reducing the interference of ambient light to improve the clarity and ability of the screen to reduce the screen reflective, so that the image is more clear and realistic. So that viewers enjoy a better visual effect.

Can be widely used in high-transparent AG touch screen glass (such as mobile phone touch screen), no reflection of electronic blackboard, high-grade frame, frame, frame, AG display glass.

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