Anti Glare Glass Electronic Touch Screen Advantages

- Nov 03, 2016-

Anti - glare glass electronic touch screen  advantages

Anti-glare glass is a glass surface of the special processing of a glass, the principle is to use A-class float glass single or double-sided chemical corrosion, never fall off. Anti-glare glass compared with ordinary glass, has a lower reflectance, either single or multi-layer glass, light reflectivity from 8% to 1% or less.Here areAnti-glare glass electronic touch screen advantages as follow:

1, reduce the interference of environmental reflection, improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, reduce screen reflection, enhance people on the screen, digital visual effects, so that the image is more clear and realistic.

2, the screen with high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle and anti-ambient light and so on.

3, do not have to use an additional screen surface protective layer, and has reduced glare and maximize the image contrast and sharpness of the function.

4, the use of low coefficient of thermal expansion of the special glass curtain.

5, the overall sense of a good combination screen, hard screen surface in a variety of environments are smooth and difficult to deformation.

6, the glass is broken, the formation of debris is similar to the honeycomb in the small particles obtuse angle, not easy to cause harm to the human body.

 It is because of the above advantages, AG glass is widely used in various display areas.

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