Anti-glare Glass Why These Years More And More Attention By The Community?

- Jan 11, 2017-

Anti-glare glass: can reduce the interference of ambient light, anti-glare glass: to improve the clarity of the screen, reducing screen reflection, the image clearer, realistic. Anti-glare glass, also known as anti-reflective glass or non-reflective glass. Anti-reflection glass anti-glare glass reduces the glass surface reflectivity ≤ 2%, transmittance ≥ 80, gloss ≥ 60. Is a glass surface of the glass for special treatment. The principle is high-quality glass single or double-sided process. So that compared with ordinary glass has a lower reflectance, so that the reflectivity of light reduced to 1% or less, thereby reducing the interference of ambient light to improve the clarity of the screen, reducing screen reflection, the image is more clear, realistic, Viewers enjoy a better visual effect.


Anti-glare glass for all types of displays and protection screen, the museum art glass, all kinds of high-level frame picture frame glass. Anti-Glare Glass (Anti-Glare Glass) products through a special chemical process is made, which is characterized by the original glass reflective surface into a matte diffuse surface. Anti-glare products, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch performance is strong, so that the reflective effect of fuzzy, to prevent glare, but also to reflect the degree of decline, reduce light and shadow. Combined with video imaging screen can constitute a transparent anti-glare, anti-reflective screen to solve the electronic screen, video screen in the ambient light to produce reflective, glare problems, improve image quality. This effect is constant over large viewing angles.


Anti-glare glass, can reduce the interference of ambient light, improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, reduce screen reflection, make the image clearer, more colorful colors, more saturated colors, thereby significantly improving the display.


Anti-glare glass has been widely used in PDP plasma TV, PTV rear projection TV, DLP TV mosaic wall, touch screen, TV mosaic wall, flat panel TV, rear projection TV, liquid crystal display, touch screen, industrial instrument and advanced photo frame and other fields.


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