Anti-theft Energy-saving Environmentally Friendly Laminated Glass

- Jan 03, 2017-

Laminated glass is in the two or more layers of glass between the folder called a PVB intermediate membrane material after high temperature and pressure made of integrated deep processing of glass. The use of US Solutia's Satflex PVB interlayer laminated glass, a new generation of energy-saving laminated glass on behalf of, it makes the laminated glass to maintain the original seismic performance based on the explosion has a good energy-saving.

    Laminated glass Good anti-theft performance: 4mm (glass) +0.76 mm (PVB interlayer) +4 mm (glass) made of laminated glass is the most common architectural glass, the use of this safety glass, thieves if the use of electric tools or fire Welding, 5 minutes can only open a head size of the hole, the use of laminated glass to prevent broken windows burglary provide a good security guarantee. Qualified laminated glass has a strong impact resistance, commonly used tools such as hammer, screwdriver, fire ax, firewood, etc. are not allowed to sandwich the glass, which is because the excellent PVB intermediate film has excellent tensile strength, ductility And other physical properties, very toughness, only from one side is not likely to cut the laminated glass, which makes the thieves commonly used silent glass cutter also lost its role. Even if the thieves cracked the glass, the middle layer with the glass has been firmly adhered to as one, still maintain the integrity of the thief still can not enter the room. It can be said that the installation of laminated glass can save the security barrier, both beautiful and can get rid of the cage feeling.

    Laminated glass good energy saving and environmental protection performance: When the sunlight directly to a colorless laminated glass, Satflex PVB interlayer can absorb most of the heat, only part of the heat radiation back to the interior, indoor and outdoor heat conduction is not easy to reduce heat Consumption, thereby maintaining the indoor temperature, saving air conditioning energy consumption. Interlayer can isolate more than 99% of ultraviolet light, reducing the degree of fading indoor fabrics. Color Satflex PVB interlayer film has a different light transmittance, according to the need to control the UV and heat gain. Laminated glass isolates ultraviolet light and does not block the visible light.

    Experts, laminated glass is a very strong safety glass, can be used as building exterior walls and interior walls, is the "green building" the first choice of "green building materials." Laminated glass for the construction industry to provide a new space for development.


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