Antiglare Glass Market Is Growing In The Future

- Oct 22, 2016-

Antiglare Glass Market is growing in the future

The global anti-glare glass market is expected to show significant growth over the forecast period, on account of rising demand for anti-reflection and anti-glare eyewear and lenses. The anti-glare glass is made by layering the glass surface with an anti-reflective coating which helps to eliminate back glare, increase transmittance and lower reflectance. Increasing usage in electrical, electronic, optical and solar applications is expected to promote market growth over the next eight years.

The market is driven by the growing utilization of the product in electronic and optical applications. These lenses increase the efficiency and improve the picture quality of numerous devices such as monitors and television screens. The booming electronic and semiconductor industries along with the rising demand for flat panel displays and smart-phones will fuel demand over the next eight years. Spectacles with anti-glare glass can enhance vision by optimizing contrast level, reducing reflection and improving night time experience, all in all offering a higher standard of comfort to users.

Now anti-glare glass widely used in the  computer display, advertising display and building.

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