Application Of Transparent Fire - Resistant Ceramics Glass

- Mar 13, 2017-

Application of transparent fire - resistant ceramics glass

Transparent fire-resistant ceramic glass is based on kaolinite and β-quartz continuous solid solution of the main phase of the material. The negative expansion of the β-quartz solid solution produces a zero-expansion effect with the positive expansion of the remaining glass phase, giving the product excellent thermal shock resistance. At the same time, the refractive index of the β-quartz solid solution phase and the remaining glass phase is extremely close to and no scattering, and a transparent effect can be produced. Β-quartz solid solution and the residual glass phase of the refractorance is higher than 1000 ℃, so the product has a high fire resistance.

These features make it widely used in the following areas:

◆ fire, fire. Can be used for high-level hotels, exhibition halls, airports, gymnasiums, commercial buildings and other public places of safe access, fire doors, fire windows, fire partitions, outdoor curtain wall and other parts, transparent fire glass glass with its transparent characteristics, to maximize the Building fire and architectural aesthetics of harmony and unity.

Aerospace. In high-altitude operation can be high temperature.

◆ used as barbecue pits, induction cooker panels, stoves, fireplaces, microwave ovens, electric stove observation window and insulation board, cover, high energy lights and lights protection board.

◆ industrial equipment observation window (hole), both to easily observe the internal situation, but also can play a very good heat insulation. Such as food, ceramics, steel and other manufacturing equipment observation window (hole).

◆ industrial kiln equipment partition. Can be used for float glass production line tin bath insulation partition, to prevent nitrogen, hydrogen protection gas leakage. According to the production needs, with the fire glass glass as a partition to divide the temperature range.


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