Applications Of Laminated Glass

- Dec 01, 2016-

Applications of laminated glass


      Due to the high impact strength and safety of the laminated glass, it is suitable for doors, windows, ceilings, shower rooms, floors and partitions of industrial buildings, skylights of industrial plants, shop windows, kindergartens, schools and gymnasiums. , Private homes, villas, asylum, banks, jewelry stores, post offices and other valuables or glass fragile buildings such as doors and windows. Laminated glass is also commonly used in public facilities such as schools, airports, hotels, ministries and commissions, places prone to accidents (floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors, etc.) and roof skylights.

Curved laminated glass can be used to lift the sightseeing elevator, shopping malls hotel revolving door. Bullet-proof glass and anti-theft glass can be used for banks, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial enterprises operating room and gold and silver jewelry shops, museums, commercial residential buildings, prisons and other places counter, doors and windows. PVB films produced in special formulations have been widely used in aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, spacecraft, military equipment, solar cells and solar receivers. They are used in industrial damping steel Wait.

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