Architectural Glass Film How To Achieve Energy-saving Effect Of It?

- Nov 25, 2016-

Architectural glass film is the use of PET substrate, the use of multi-metal sputtering technology and vacuum technology, it has a very high thermal efficiency, anti-strong, high tensile strength, strong anti-acid and other properties, natural color rich. The test results show that it can block 79% solar thermal energy, the shading coefficient SC in the region (hot summer and cold winter region) up to 0.6 or so, when the outdoor temperature of 38-39, 3-5 degrees lower than ordinary glass, can Saving 30% of air conditioning power consumption, the winter can block the loss of indoor heat, indoor comfort throughout the year. After the film strength of the glass can be increased by 4 times, when the glass accidentally blew and blew, the building film can be fixed in the original glass fragments to avoid injury. In addition, the film strong UV blocking 99% or more, can effectively protect the indoor furniture items do not fade aging, protection of property from being plundered by criminals and so on.

All in all, architectural glass film, whether for new construction, or the renovation of the old building, are effective, economical, safe and simple one way. We believe that with the extension of time and the impact of the use of the crowd, the effectiveness of architectural glass film will be more and more people recognized and used, architectural glass film will play an active role in energy security.

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