At Present, The Use Of Coated Glass In Our Country Mainly In The Following Ways:

- Mar 07, 2017-

At present, the use of coated glass in our country mainly in the following ways:

     1. Vacuum evaporation coating: the use of thermal evaporator vacuum coating machine to produce coated glass, because the overall production is intermittent, after cleaning part of the glass often need to wait in the workshop for some time before the coating room coating, this time, glass will Subject to secondary pollution, resulting in contaminated part of the coating is easy to fall off the film, the uniformity of the film is poor, easy to have rainbow color and high reflectivity, and the glass is only a layer of film, easily discolored in the air and can not produce Large size glass. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction made it clear that such coated glass is not easy for curtain wall glass. In the country can see many of the walls of the building walls of each glass around the white, middle black, stripped stripping are due to the wrong choice of this coated glass caused. Of course, this type of glass is generally low in the 80 yuan to 100 yuan / m2 can buy. Individual decoration company for the smuggling of such a glass pit to select the user.

   2. Vacuum magnetron sputtering method: flat glass in a vacuum chamber with a high vacuum, the negative voltage between the two poles working gas positive ions in the role of the orthogonal electromagnetic field to the cathode, in a very short cathode (The process is called the gamma process) under the action of the electromagnetic field by pressing the target, so that the cathode (target) atoms fly to the glass substrate - the glass deposited film, the sputtered secondary electrons (this process is called the gamma process) The spin wheel movement is involved in the collision ionization, and the crabs are in the stream, so that the cathode can be bombarded continuously to provide a sufficient number of positive ions, and the plasma region is formed so that the continuous glow discharge can be performed at one time. Good film uniformity, excellent edge covering and good adhesion. What is particularly important here is the coating machine produced by the German "LH" company, which is superior to and different from other vacuum magnetron sputtering coating machines. The magnetic field on its planar magnetron targets is produced by toroidal permanent magnets , The semi-circular ring permanent magnets can be regarded as a combination of infinite T micro-columnar magnets. Therefore, the corresponding point magnetic standard is more stable, in order to produce uniform and solid coating layer.

    3. Solution gel method: also known as double-sided coating impregnation method, the coating method is to impregnate the glass in the chemical solution in the glass surface to form a thin film, the chemical film attached to the surface of the glass, the film thickness through 50% Of the incident, the rest of the reflection, the absorption of light is very small. This kind of coated glass color monotonous, light transmission rate, large area of glass film is not uniform, not suitable for curtain wall glass.

4. Powder thermal spraying: the process is in the float glass production line solitary glass room, the metal chemical powder reagent directly sprayed on the hot glass, the reagent overheat decomposition, the glass surface to form a layer of metal oxide film , This film due to the different metal and presents a different transmission color and reflection color. This kind of coated glass is also called on-line coated glass, its cost is extremely low. Because only a layer of film through the string rate is high, the color is light and darker, generally common only in the colored glass on the coating of green, blue, and because of the different batches of colored glass, each batch of color has changed. The advantage is that this type of coated glass can be directly applied to the hot bending and steel.

In addition to the above four kinds of coating methods, there are plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method and arc ion plating method. The two kinds of production of coated glass less, and does not apply to the construction of curtain wall glass.

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