Bathroom So Renovated Super Cool

- Feb 21, 2017-

   Spring Festival started soon, we received a case of personal decoration of the bathroom case. Their customers bathroom area is too small, you want to achieve the profile, a sense of strong sense of space. We do not recommend the use of atomized electronic control glass. This glass through the switch power / power state, both the overall decoration structure is bright, transparent, but also to protect privacy. And with customers in the bathroom put a lot of daily necessities, in the use of atomized electronic control glass, the whole space does not look messy.

      In fact, I do not know this year in the bathroom in a large area using atomized electronic control glass, last year we also received a lot of customers use it. In the state of power, the degree of glass as much as ordinary glass, light transmission rate of up to 80%. In the case of power failure, the transmittance of less than 10%, more than conventional frosted glass is also more secure.

     In addition to the bathroom, of course, in the living room cut off, the bedroom partition, office partition set off the car window can see it "shadows".

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