Bearing Capacity Analysis Of Hollow Glass

- Dec 07, 2016-


The main factors affecting the bearing performance of the hollow glass are the strength of the hollow glass, the stiffness of the hollow glass and the sealing performance of the hollow glass hollow layer.

1, the strength and rigidity of insulating glass

The strength of insulating glass refers to the ability of hollow glass to resist the action of external load. Stiffness refers to the ability of hollow glass to bear deformation. Obviously, given the glass material, such as ordinary flat glass or tempered glass, then the glass strength design theory, the glass of the original film to determine the breaking strength down. Therefore, in order to increase the carrying capacity of the insulating glass, it is necessary to make the bending stress of the glass surface smaller under the same load, which is related to the size of the original glass (length, width, aspect ratio and thickness) Hollow layer thickness, the role of load directly assigned to each piece of glass on the size of the load determines the bearing capacity of insulating glass.


2, hollow layer failure state of insulating glass bearing characteristics

In the case of a hollow-layer gas-tight seal, the transfer of gas is capable of transferring a portion of the external load to the other glass. But when the gas layer leaks, the hollow layer gas is completely lost the role of transmission load. At this point, the hollow glass to bear the load entirely by the direct bearing of the piece of glass. Obviously, the hollow glass at this time to bear the load capacity will be significantly decreased.


3.The influence of ambient temperature and pressure difference on the bearing capacity of insulating glass

Even if not subject to external load, due to the production of insulating glass regional environment and the use of the local environment there are differences, can also lead to hollow glass hollow layer of gas expansion or contraction, a direct result of two pieces of glass original deformation and additional stress, So that two pieces of glass collide with each other, and even lead to glass rupture.


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