Buildings With Glass Material Must Be Made Of Safety Glass

- Mar 13, 2017-

Buildings with glass material must be made of safety glass

Buildings need to use glass as the following parts of building materials must use safety glass:

(1) 7 floors and more than 7 buildings outside the window

(2) window windows with an area greater than 1.5m2 or a floor of the glass floor with a floor finish of less than 500mm

(3) curtain wall (except for the whole glass screen)

(6) tilt the installation window, all kinds of ceiling (including skylights, lighting roof), ceiling

(5) sightseeing elevators and their outer care

(6) indoor partition, bathroom enclosure and screen

(7) stairs, balconies, platform corridors of the fence and atrium in the block

(8) Floor panels used to withstand pedestrian walking

(9) observation window of aquarium and swimming pool, observation hole

(10) the entrance of the public buildings, foyers and other parts

(11) vulnerable to impact, the impact of other parts of the body caused by injury

be careful:

Monolithic semi-tempered glass (heat-strengthened glass), monolithic glass does not belong to safety glass.


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