Bullet-proof Glass Market Demand Continues To Increase

- Oct 19, 2016-

Bullet-proof glass market demand continues to increase

 Glass companies saw a significant increase in the demand for bulletproof glass over the past two years. They attribute it to the increasing threat of terrorism. Bullet-proof glass can prevent the bullet attacks,sometimes it can save someone’s life.So more and more companies, religious institutions and individuals want to protect themselves in this way, a number of glass companies said to BNR.

“Where it used to be dozens (of orders, ed), it is now a multiple thereof”, glassier Willy Swinkels from Eindhoven said to the broadcaster.

AGC Glass Europe, one of the largest glass producers in Europe, confirms the trend. They saw an increase in orders of 15 percent over the past year. “People are driven mad by the news. And of course, not entirely unjustified. We used to sell bulletproof glass only to bank offices and petrol stations.” Now most of their bulletproof glass orders come from individuals.

From above of information,we can draw a conclusion is that the demand of bulletproof glass will be increase with the strengthening of people's security awareness.so market expectation of bulletproof glass is huge.

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