Bulletproof Glass Installed On Patrol Cars

- Oct 19, 2016-

              Bulletproof Glass Installed On Patrol Cars


   Police in Longmont showed off the new bulletproof glass installed on some patrol cars on Friday. The reason is that the rise in crime rates and terror attacks in the world over the past few years, the concern for the safety and security of the people have also increased. This rising concern for security of people has led to the expansion and growth of bulletproof glass market across the globe.

The ballistic glass was donated to the Longmont Police Department by the same company that outfits President Barack Obama’s limousine.

An officer actually shot at the glass to demonstrate how resistant it is to bullets.

“This give our officers an extra level of protection and gives them an opportunity to disengage or get into a better position when taking gunfire. It keeps them safe,” said Longmont Police Sgt. Jeff Satur.

Police say the glass can stop bullets from most handgun or rifles. The department hopes to have it installed on all of the patrol cars soon.

  In a word,the bulletproof glass market will be more huge in the future

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