Can Be Bent The Use Of Glass Scene

- Dec 09, 2016-


       Compared with the use of the scene, the use of many scenes. Small to home decoration, large building decoration may see its "shadows." For the arched bent glass, the more is as a coffee table, coffee table to use. Desk angle is 90 degrees vertical, and enhance its endurance. Second, the desktop surface can also be processed to fine patterns, such as surface  can be some of the issues DIY patterns, family photos, beautiful scenery, so that when both ordinary coffee table use, but also enhance the beauty. Moreover, a single curved glass, very susceptible to constraints of production technology, often the conventional vertical table angle can not be perfect with the abrasive fitting, processing time prone to fork feet phenomenon, resulting in installation difficulties. This glass is more used in some architectural decoration above.

       Typical bending glass products are common in everyone's life counter glass. In the production of this glass, the corner can be regarded as a "dead", where there are very many days of bending more than ever, creases, broken and so on. But in everyday life, curved glass is everywhere, in some arched corridors, make-up counters, cell phone counters, ceiling and other places, may be able to find them. Single-layer glass can be done, we can also repair the production according to the specific customer all kinds of sandwich hot bent, hot bent dimming glass.

      hot bent glass is now widely used in various types of occasions, the building decoration above, office decoration, household goods and so on. Rendezvous manufacturers appear on the market is also mushrooming up, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 500 domestic enterprises with their own hot bent furnace, independent processing. In 2017, it is estimated there will be a number of new factories have their own equipment, the market will become increasingly fierce, consumers will be more choices. So you have to polish their own eyes of the fire gold, choose affordable, practical hot bent glass.


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