Can Be Free Remote Control Curtains - Smart Glass

- Nov 02, 2016-

Can be free remote control curtains - smart glass

  Intelligent glass is one of architectural glass, also known as the electronic control glass curtain, it is a new type of liquid crystal material NPD-LCD attached to the glass, film and other substrate based on the size of the current with the light, temperature adjustment glass Light transmittance, or by artificial according to their own needs, control the current transformation, to achieve transparent power, power grinding effect, and through current transform to control the degree of glass color depth, control and adjust the intensity of sunlight into the room, making indoor light soft , Comfortable and pleasant, yet the role of light. Made of the window glass is equivalent to electronic control device curtains as comfortable and convenient.
    In addition, it is used in building windows and doors, not only has its light transmittance freely transform function, but also in the building windows and doors on the space is minimal, eliminating the need to set the curtains of the body and space. While its privacy and protection of the role of projection makes its demand continues to rise, while low power consumption is also adapted to the modern concept of energy saving. At present, the smart glass is mainly used for large conference venues, high-end hotels, office buildings, government, enterprises, senior villas, shower room, office partition, projection walls and other places.

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