Can Do It With Laminated Glass Floor?

- Dec 02, 2016-

Laminated glass is made up of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between the intermediate layer or one multilayer organic polymer membrane, specially the high temperature of preloading (or vacuum) and after high temperature and high pressure, made of glass and middle membrane permanent adhesive for the integration of composite glass products.It is transparent, high mechanical strength, resistance to light, heat, cold resistant, sound insulation and uv protection performance, such as glass and bonding materials, combining the sandwich glass has good safety performance of shock resistance and broken.Impact when laminated glass is broken, the fragments were binding stick, just form crack and not easy to hurt, still can maintain its original shape and visibility.Because the sandwich glass has the advantage, so they are widely used in the laminated glass can use to do floor.

   General laminated glass as a platform, the size of the glass at around 1000 mm * 1000 mm, suggest using laminated glass type of "10 + 1.52 PVB + 10 pairs of tempered laminated glass".If glass surface needs to be done to prevent slippery processing Suggestions the building requirements when buy antiskid processing glass manufacturer (good effect process using concave processing), it's show class.

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