Can Laminated Glass Be Drilled?

- Nov 30, 2016-


Tempered glass refers to the glass after the glass, but also for safe handling, the two pieces of glass bonded together, so that the glass will not splash after the break to the people. Toughened glass laminated with other glass compared with anti-theft, explosion-proof, seismic performance.

Tempered glass to be laminated in order to drill before the steel must be in the steel after the hole can not be punched, and can not carry out any cutting, grinding operations, otherwise it will cause damage due to uniform pressure and balance of stress "pieces." Because the tempered glass processing and manufacturing are common annealing glass in accordance with the requirements made into the size, and then heated to near the glass softening point of about 700 degrees, and then rapid uniform cooling obtained. Therefore, the folder glass drilling must be before the steel, just after the laminated glass is not in the drilling.

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