Can The Laminated Glass Be Screen Printed?

- Nov 29, 2016-

Can the laminated glass be screen printed?

We all know that there are many beautiful silk screen glass pattern, but there are many people will ask, laminated glass can be printed on your desired pattern? The answer is yes, first of all we must first understand the glass printing process. There are two kinds of glass silk printing process: First, the first printing and then steel: the ink used for high-temperature ink, the glass in the glass at the same time sintered in the glass surface and glass have a good adhesion. Second, the first steel and then printing: the ink used for low-temperature inks, glass after the glass surface in the printing of a variety of special effects, but the adhesion slightly inferior to the first process high-temperature ink, the effect is better than high-temperature ink. Your problem is the second case, the two processes have their own strengths. But it is recommended that the first piece of glass to do a good pattern, such as paint or silk screen, and then clip plastic, so the pattern was caught in the middle of the glass to go.

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