Car Glass Can Also Be Very Smart

- Oct 20, 2016-

Car glass can also be very smart

Since the car from the date of birth, it is inseparable from the car with glass. However, the original car manufacturers that car glass only play to resist the cold, to prevent rain, dust role. As people increasingly pursue and emphasize the active safety and beauty of the car, many of the world's glass manufacturers to speed up the pace of the development of automotive glass, and has introduced a wide range of "smart glass", intelligent glass car technology Thus becoming a new automotive technology.

Intelligent dimming glass is a kind of two pieces of glass with a layer of film of product . When electricity is applied to the film the liquid crystals line up, changing the glass from opaque to not use when the parking is opaque, thieves even open the door can not drive away, because the glass opaque, the thief can not see the road ahead, this time the dimming glass can also play the role of security . Dimming glass is mainly used for privacy or privacy protection of the places, made of cars, locomotives, military vehicles and other window glass as electromagnetic control of the curtain, like the line of sight in the need to cut off the digging, the glass Opaque state; in the need for lighting or perspective to close the power, the glass on the transparent.

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