Car Is Not Afraid Of The Sun: There Is Such A Smart Glass Enough

- Oct 20, 2016-

Car is not afraid of the sun: there is such a smart glass enough

The new electrochromic window glass can change in color according to the increase or decrease of the electronic charge, and its use is much more expensive than the glass on which the other technologies are currently on the market, and the price can be cheaper.

The key technology of this smart glass is that its "frame" is made of conductive nanocrystalline material, and embedded in the glass material. Nanocrystals and glass materials have different optical properties, in which the material changes when the material is electronically charged or discharged. Nanocrystals can block near-infrared light, can also be passed as needed, while the glass material can be in a transparent state and blocking the state between the visible light conversion.

This "nanocomposite" can block up to 90% of the near-infrared light and 80% of the visible light, and in addition to the standard bright and dark outside the model, it also has the ability to cool the characteristics of high-rise buildings can be installed it in the summer Day to save energy. The mode switching of this glass material takes only a few minutes, faster than any commercially available electrochromic glass material known today. Coupled with cheaper prices, and more reliable manufacturing process, this material is expected to go mainstream.So,smart glass will be more popular in the car window market.

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