Causes Of White Spots In Laminated Glass

- Jan 07, 2017-

1. Adhesive layer is too thin, the force of fission fission was fake (especially the steel is not flat glass)

2. When filling with water into the emulsion to form white spots

3. Glass is not dry after cleaning or cleaning residue after the water debris is not excluded

4. Flaky white or aerosol reasons: the glass may not be drying or not required to store glass, glass surface water molecules react with the glue and brittle whitening

5. Easy to break glass after the break Reason: test method and the thickness of the adhesive layer does not match the selection of models resistant to break (solution: increase the thickness of the adhesive layer, the standard method of testing, choose enhanced or bullet-proof type)

6. Fogging process Fog: the reasons may be outdoor irrigation glue, by sunlight, and then use the system of pollution and evaporation of volatile glue, advance curing (solution: access to measurement, out of use, sealed, non-volatile pollution, Attention to block)

7. Curing time is too long: possible reasons for the weak UV intensity, glass thickness, coated glass, such as blocking the UV curing ability to greatly reduce (to solve: the use of efficient professional UV equipment or extend the sun in the sun time)

8. Glass cracking reasons: there may be laminated plastic curing shrinkage of 12-13% of the internal stress is relatively large, the glass surface scratches, dark injury, squeeze sealing, glue infusion is not enough, not the level of placement, large area deformation, Third effect.


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