Ceramic Glass Back Of The Many Rugged Points Have Any Effect?

- Nov 17, 2016-

ceramic glass back of the many rugged points have any effect?

   Ceramic glass commonly used in induction cooker, microwave oven panel. This glass has a strong, high temperature, energy saving, stable electrical characteristics. It can withstand up to 900 degrees above the high temperature. If you look carefully, you will find that the smooth back is often a lot of rugged small dot composition. Do you know what these small points have?

       Heat dissipation, ceramic glass used in the induction cooker or microwave oven panel, will withstand the heat generated by electricity. This high temperature ordinary glass can not be achieved. With these numerous small points on the back, and between the point and there will be many small gaps. These gaps play a very large role in heat dissipation. The distance between the point and the point of these voids are often smaller than the heated area of the flat glass, the cooling system can be good. We have done a comparative test, heated with alcohol for 5 minutes of ordinary tempered glass and ceramic glass (two pieces of glass are 100 * 100MM size) measured after the end of the test, the general area of glass has been heated to extend the entire piece Glass, and the central heating temperature of 98 degrees from the center of 5CM local temperature is 42 degrees, the edge temperature is 36 degrees. Glass-ceramic heat about an area of 6 * 175px. The center point temperature is 63.5 degrees, the heating area edge temperature is 24 degrees. Test shows that the ceramic glass heat resistance is much higher than ordinary glass.

         Ruggedness, glass stronger than ordinary tempered glass. Dots and small points between the tightly together, enhance its hardness. Similarly, we use two 100 * 100 size of ceramic glass and tempered glass, at a distance of 50CM with 500G steel ball down, test 5 times, broken glass and glass is intact.

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